Invention Idea Generator

Welcome to the Invention Idea Generator

Use this tool to help you generate invention ideas.

Follow these steps:

1. Take three small pieces of paper (stick-it notes are a good option).

2. As fast as you can, think of an image or object and draw or write down the first thing that comes to mind on the first piece of paper.

3. Do the same for the second, and then the third piece of paper.

4. You should now have three completely different images. Look closely at each piece of paper and try to find something similar in each.

Look for some kind of pattern that emerges. For example, if your first image is a table, your second is a horse, and your third is a car, then the pattern is that they all have four legs or sides.

5. Take three more pieces of paper. Think again of three images and write them down as fast as you can. Only this time consciously try to get the image to display the pattern onto it, or to be made up of the pattern.

6. Repeat the process as many times as possible until the image you get is a completely new and original invention or idea. You will be surprised at what you can come up with using this tool